Need Help with App Review Process

Hi all,

We’re reaching out because we submitted our app for review on August 12, 2023. App status is still Under Review. There is no update from review team.

We’ve been trying to reach support team through various channels—emails to,, and

However, we’ve only managed to generate a ticket without any response.

If you have any insights or contacts to expedite the review, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

App-ID : 80962
App-Name : IN-HaiVE
App-Type: Freshworks App
App-Build-For : Freshchat

Hi @karthickk,

On 16 Aug 2023, The review team has contacted you regarding the credentials to test the app functionality at the provided contact email addresses given during the app submission, and they also shared some code review comments.

Please check if you have received any emails from Freshworks on your given email address. Let me know if you cannot access it.

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Hi @Raviraj

Thank you for responding.

We have located the email from Freshworks regarding the app functionality testing and the code review comments.

There are two ticket URL’s given in the email, but both url’s asking to login. We haven’t created any account on those domains, also we tried with our Freshchat account credential, not able to login.

Tried to reset password as well, it’s giving an error saying You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator.

How can we check the tickets.?

Could you please help us with this.?

Ticket URL’s :

Hi @Raviraj .

We got access from your team. Please ignore the previous reply.


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