Need smaller time interval options in App Logs screen

When investigating issues with custom apps, sometimes I need to re-run a certain scenario and check logs. For this I only want to see logs from the past minute or 5 minutes. But it is quite cumbersome to select this as an option because i need to select “Pick a date range” and set both start and end date and time. Time is the most cumbersome because you have to scroll thru a dropdown with 60x24 (1444) entries - one for every minute of the day.

And even when you do select the minutes, you have to wait until current minute is in the past.

I think its so common that 1 min and 5 min, they should be added to the list of quick buttons shown in following interface:

The time value should be in seconds and go exactly 1 or 5 min into the past. A 2 min option might be nice since sometimes you don’t go to logging right away.

Hey @stevemc,

Thanks for bringing this up. I understand the need for having more granular and also latest logs from the app.

@Archana_Sreekantaswa @Developer-Platform

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