New API Integration Error : IP is disallowed

Hello Team,

  1. We have new API need to integrate it into the Freshdesk custom app.

  2. We integrated it using post request in server.js file.

  3. We received following response while calling that api:

API failed { status: 400, headers: {}, response: ‘Invalid URL - IP is disallowed’, errorSource: ‘APP’, attempts: 1 }

  1. Below is API calling function( We are not able to share API name here because of confidentiality):
prediction: (payload) => {

      var Url = "https://ip address/abc";

      options.body = JSON.stringify(payload);


      return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

        return $request

          .post(Url, options)

          .then(toJson, reject)




5. Can you please suggest any solution on that or can we take call  ?

Thank you

Hi @priyanka.chimkar,
Good Day!
Hope you are doing good!

We are not allowing IP address as URL in the request API

Kindly refer this doc for more reference on whitelisted-domains

I would request to use Domain Name instead of IP address

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



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