New Webhook registration afterAppUpdate event


We have a published app and we have developed an update to it that utilizes webhooks for dynamic retrieval of content generated on other systems. When we do fresh installation the webhook and the feature designed around it works fine. But when doing update of the app the webhook does not register. By looking at the docs it seems that there is no way to register a webhook during update app event as shown in the docs in the Notes box:

Is there no workaround to enable webhook generation while doing app update? This is crucial as the app is also available on the marketplace so to get the new feature users would have to uninstall and do fresh install of the app which would cause data loss.

By searching the community I did find this article, but it’s dated with year 20’ so maybe something has changed, also the workaround described there seems not applicable as our app did not possess any webhook prior to current updated: How to generate target url using generateTargetUrl() during an app update

Thank you all!

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