Newest version of FDK doesn't allow dependencies in manifest.json that are not in the npm registry

It seems that in the latest version of fdk (8.4.0), a new validation was introduced, that checks if manifest.json dependencies exist in the npm registry. We have our own private gitlab registry, and we use a package from there as a dependency.

Our manifest.json dependency section:

  "dependencies": {
    "@express-service/widget-serverless-functions": "^1.12.2"

Right now, fdk pack fails with this message:

[ERROR] Unknown dependency mentioned in manifest.json: @express-service/widget-serverless-functions.

What should we do in this scenario? Could you explain what was the reasoning behind adding this new validation and if it could be removed/optional? Thank you!

Hey @radudascalu,

We did check it internally, we always used the npm registry to validate the dependencies and did not support any other registry (GitLab in this case). Can you please share some insights about fdk v8.2.0 or the version which worked fine with this dependency. This would help us get to the bottom of it.


Hi @zach_jones_noel, you’re right. I checked now and the dependency validation was always there, my bad! It’s because of a new dependency that we added.

Therefore, what do you think would be the best way to go ahead here in order to keep our dependency? I have found the undocumented option --skip-validation and running fdk pack --skip-validation manifest-dependency seems to work fine.

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