No responce when calling serverless webhook


We have a very simple serverless app that converts an incoming form to a ticket. Tested and working in while serving this locally via the SDK.

Once moved to production, we get the webhook URL and nothing works when we use the URL.

The webhook URL, has a space in the middle of the last part? is this correct? I know it gets URL encoded, but it can’t be good practice to do this?

When I test the URL in POSTman I get an “Invalid API Key” error? Do I still need the API key here?

Just created another serverless app and I get the same webhook for that app as the first one?

The event “onAppUnInstall” is also not supported via lint for Freshservcie according to lint when validating and packing the app?

Found the issue - the space should be a +

All working

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Hi @RoyNZ,

Welcome to the community and posting for the first time! :tada: :slight_smile:

I hope you made it work now.

Do you still face the issue with webhook URL generated with space in between in production?

Also, for the “onAppUninstall” function being not supported by linter while validating the app, could you raise it as a separate topic if it’s persisted?

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