No review comments when my app is rejected


We needed to update our app to adjust to the new platform security update set by Freshdesk on the 19th of May, but our new version is rejected without any reason.
The test coverage is correctly over the 80% threshold and, of course fdk validate returns Validation Successful. Also, we followed the recommendations in the App review process. Without any further feedback we don’t know what to fix.

If it helps, the app slug is: 7208-identity_integration.

Thank you for any help you can provide!


Hi @dan_declic,

We will bring this to the App Review team’s attention and keep you posted on the updates on this thread or via sending a private message on this forum based on the sensitivity of the details.

Thanks for your first post on the forum. :slight_smile:

cc: @Vikas_Sharma

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Thanks! I am waiting for your update than. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @dan_declic,

I am able to catch up with the App reviews team on this.

  1. Your submission meets the code coverage criterion.
  2. Your app has passed the code review process.
  3. Your QA is under review.
  4. Your attention is required on the content review.

You might have received access to a Freshworks project tracker where you can find the review comments. Please look at Sub Tasks -> Content Review Comments and open a new page. You will find the comments left by the content review team.

For your convenience, I will share the link to the comments via private message on the forum. Hope that helps.


Just to write a conclusion to this topic:

Finally I received in a private message a Freshrelease link where the reviewer wrote the reasons for the rejection.

I was able to fix the typos in the app description (which were the issue) and re-submit the app.

Thank you @Saif for the support!