Not able to find logs for Automerge Public app

Hi Team,

We are using Automerge public app . whenever a ticket is created , automerge app will listen to that event and logs the ticket ID along withe the text “ticket create invoked”.

In our case there is a ticket created at 12:28 am EST , but we are not able to find the logs for this event in the automerge app . we checked the logs with both EST and UTC time .

can anyone let us know what’s the issue here .

Domain :

Time : “created_at”: “2022-12-07T05:28:54Z”, (UTC)

Any help here would be really helpful.


Hi Ganesh,

Can you confirm if you see something like this in the developer portal?

Do you see logs show up with some delay or none at all?

I assume you used console.log() to log data.

Hi Kaustav ,

Only the logs of a particular ticket ( or ) logs of a particular even are missing . i can see the remaining logs.

Hi Kaustav ,

Do we have any update on this ?


Our team has found that some calls to the Freshdesk REST API hit the REST API rate limit and receive status 429. Looks like those are the calls for which no logs show up. Can you please test and confirm this?

Have the same issue, any updates?

The issue in this instance, the app does not log the error when requests hit a rate-limit error, which can happen if the request method is not wrapped in a try...catch block. This results in the absence of a few lines of logs, not the entirety of logs. Do you have the same issue @Ansfs91?