Not able to improve coverage

I am trying to improve coverage of a marketplace app “auto-update-priority” for submit it to marketplace review.
It is a serverless app, and I am not able to improve the branch coverage by more than 71%, can anyone help me to improve this.

Have you tried to test the app with different inputs?

If yes, can you try to delete the contents of the folder “coverage” as well as .report.json file and try to run and test the app again.

Hello Balchand

As Adarsh said can you delete the coverage folder and try to test out the app from scratch. Using events simulation try to cover all the edge cases of the app to arrive at a better code coverage


I have tried it but some edge cases depend on failure of an Api and some installation parameters, which i am not able to achive

Can you DM the coverage folder in a zip file? Will help in how we can achieve more coverage.

not able to message you personally.

Sent you a direct message

We have released FDK v8.6.5 with code-coverage fixes. Please update FDK to v8.6.5. Try deleting the .report.json file in the app directory if you still see the same issue after updating to 8.6.5.