Not able to open an modal from an another modal

Hi team,

When accessing detailed customer info from the conversation sidebar, I can successfully open a modal window. However, in Freshdesk, I’m encountering an issue where I can only open one modal at a time. Specifically, I’m unable to open another modal from within the existing modal, hindering the process of editing customer details. This functionality works seamlessly in Freshchat. Any guidance on resolving this discrepancy would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @Gopi

You can’t open the modal from another modal because the modal doesn’t support the events methods and interface methods. For more info, refer here

Hi @Kithiyon ,

But we can do the same in the Freshchat / Freshservice, I have did that already and it is working.

Hi @Gopi

I have seen FreshSales and FreshChat SDK documents they mentioned the same as on FreshDesk SDK documents.If you have achieved that, can you please share the snap shoot of the modal that is triggered from another modal?

You can achieve this by using the crayons modal component so that you can trigger a modal from another modal.

Hi @Gopi,

If you would like to open a new model from a modal you can use the crayons modal component with the property slider set as true.

Or if that’s an edit form that you are trying to display, you can close and open a new modal instantly.

Hope that helps! Let me know otherwise.

Thank you.