Not able to see serverless Logs for a custom app

I published a custom app which uses and console.error statement to log. I deployed the custom app and installed it. OnAppInstall I create a webhook and in the, I am printing the webhook URL, but I am not able to get to the serverless Logs page as it is accessible from the settings page of the app. But for my custom app, I don’t see any settings icon - why?

Hi @siraj.samsudeen,

The settings icon will appear if the app uses any Installation Parameters included in the app. Please add a text field to go to the settings and Serverless logs page.

This is an old App Gallery. We have updated to a new App Gallery. Not sure why it’s available to you.
Could you share your account URL and we can check from end why your account is not updated yet to the new App Gallery?


Adding to @Raviraj, we fixed the issue in the new gallery, where you don’t need any iparams to see the logs. w/o iparams you are able to navigate to logs in new galley.


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@Raviraj @Santhosh thanks a lot for the prompt response. The URL is

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