Not able to test custom app by appending dev=true if it's enabled

custom app type: cti_global_sidebar
node version: v14.19.2
fdk version: 8.6.5

I am not able to open local app using ?dev=true while the app is installed, i need to disable installed app in order to test local version of same app.

FYI: insecure content flag has been already enabled in chrome settings

@Raviraj can you help me on this ?

Hi @Aswin_Aryal ,

Good day!

The issue is not with the local app testing with dev=true (or) allowing insecure content with chrome. The app location has restriction.

Currently, we support only one app in the cti_global_sidebar location. The latest installed app will be taking the precedence.

You can read more about the same here (as a note) - App Locations

However, we do allow more than one app in other placeholders like ticket_sidebar. You can either try to render it in other location for your testing (or) disable installed app temporary.



thanks for the info @Raviraj

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