Not able to update the ticket via API call in freshservice sandbox account

Hello Team,

I am trying to update the ticket using the API call and receiving error status code as 500 all the time.

The sandbox account URL:

Please let me know the solution for this.

Akhil S K

Hi Akhil,
Good day!

Can you please share the code or curl command that you are using to make this API call to debug further.

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Just had a talk with @Akhil_Kulkarni on an Office Hour. I could not debug it myself, so asked Akhil to follow up here.

They are using a set of dependent dropdown custom field. Ticket update fails only when a particular field “Location A” or “Location B” is updated. The error message is generic, and difficult to debug. Code to make requests looks normal.

There is also a support ticket:

@Santhosh any ideas?

@Akhil_Kulkarni Can you post the error message and if possible a screenshot of the custom fields here?

Hello Bhanupriya,

Find the support ticket created for the same issue.

Please download the source code from below URL and let me know if something has to be changed from my side.


As discussed in the call, please have it checked on priority as this seems to be a very small issue and we need to deliver the APP to the customer by Monday.

Akhil S K

Hello Kaustav,

Thanks for the support.

Please find the screenshot of the error message.


Can you please update on the above issue?

AFAIK, you need to update all the dependent fields on the API call, otherwise, it will throw an error from the API side due to the validation failure.

hope it helps :slight_smile:


I am sending the complete data for the dependent fields and still getting the same error.
Please let me know if there is any other solution.

Hi @Akhil_Kulkarni,

Seems like it has to handle it from the product side,
can you please write this query to the product team?

They will help you on the same


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