Not getting domain not whitelisted error after publishing as custom application it is working fine in my local

Hi team,

I have whitelisted a domain in my custom application that is developed for freshsales suite.

When I try with a different domain other than the whitelisted it throws the error “This domain has not been whitelisted” in my local which is correct, but when I publish it as a custom application I am not getting this error which is incorrect.

I need the resolution for this immediately, It’s a very urgent need to move the application for the customer.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @Gopi

The domain whitelisting option is deprecated and is only allowed in platform version 2.2 or lower. If using version 2.3 or higher with Node 18.0.0 or higher, you are requested to use request templates to make API calls.
Kindly refer to the Request method docs and sample apps repository for the same.


Could you please confirm the FDK version and node version being used?

Hi Thakur,

The FDK version is - 8.6.7, and the node version is v14.19.3, I am using the platform version 2.2

“whitelisted-domains”: [“”],

To solve this problem double-check your whitelist settings to ensure the correct domain is listed without any mistakes. Next, clear your browser cache and cookies to eliminate any potential interference. Try republishing the application to apply the latest settings. If the issue persists, contact the support team of the platform or framework you’re using for further assistance.

Finally, verify that your application updates have been successfully deployed and check for any synchronization issues. Keep in mind that seeking help from the technical support team may be necessary for an urgent resolution.

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