Not getting the messages array in conversation get API

Hi Team,

I am trying to get a conversation with the conversation ID, in the response, I am getting all the values based on the documentation except the messages object.

Kindly let me know the solution to this.

This is the response i am getting → {
“conversation_id”: “e2a1aed5-04c8-4d7e-a0d9-d9e521696f98”,
“app_id”: “29131a67-2c2f-4c08-b4a9-00ae67c1fd36”,
“status”: “new”,
“channel_id”: “1bc8f138-c762-40af-9a75-f4a308dd66f2”,
“skill_id”: 0

Hi Team,

Can I get any update regarding this issue

Hi Team,

I have been waiting for so long. Kindly provide me a solution for this.

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We also noted that the Conversation API (GET /conversations/{conversation_id}) doesn’t give messages in the payload.

But GET /conversations/{conversation_id}/messages give messages payload.

Current Documentation doesn’t have enough information.

Please check on the Swagger Link - Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

I have asked the Freshchat team for help. Thanks for your patience.

If this takes long, please consider raising a support ticket with Freshchat support.

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