Note creation event for problem

Hi Team,

I am looking for Notes, create an event for problems is there any way to capture it?

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Could you please elaborate it a little bit more?


Little more elaboration could help, as @Chavas was requesting to help you out.

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Yeah in Freshservice we have incidents, service requests and problems, right?

For incident and service request, we have conversation create event(product event) whenever conversations added to the tickets

similarly, for problems, whenever adds a note is there any captured event


I tried active webhook for problem note creation but it is not triggering the webhook when a note is added PFA and let me know this issue can be solved?

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@Tejasri_Kalluri:freshservice: the team is confident that configured webhook will be triggered if configured along the workflow. Could you please confirm if Freshservice POSTs to mentioned URL? For example, you can try replacing it with any 3rd party side to see if FS posts to the mentioned URL.

-> If you find that 3rd party webhook receives a POST HTTP request and doesn’t, then we may have to check with the platform team.

On another note,

the above is valuable feedback.
This way apps can observe events whenever a note is added within FS Problems. I will take that as a feedback item.

Do let me know if you are seeing any issues with the webhook parts. :slight_smile:


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