Notification/Confirmation when uninstalling app

I want to show a notification/confirmation when users choose to uninstall the app. If the user chooses Cancel, the app will not be uninstalled. If the user chooses Save, the app will be uninstalled.
I can see the Uninstallation event in the App Setup Events, this is in the severless app. However, I do not know how to connect this event with interface methods (Interface Methods). Can you help me with the solution to this use case?

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Nhat Nguyen

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Good Day! Hope you are doing good,
Usually, the Marketplace gallery will ask for confirmation before uninstall, Are you trying to solve any use case when the app is uninstalling? if so can you please elaborate?



As my app containing some dashboard generated, I want to edit the Confirmation message such as “Data will be deleted and all dashboards/insights will be deleted as well”. Is there any way that I can do that? Can you tell me what is the Confirmation message now?

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Unfortunately you are not able to customize the platform messages.
currently we are showing Uninstalling App will delete app’s settings and remove from all users of this helpdesk ,
I hope this will intimate all the data will lost when the user uninstalled the app



I wonder is there a way to trigger interface methods from the serverless app, as I want to show a notification when I catch the onAppUninstall event?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to trigger interface methods in the gallery.

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