OAuth 2.0 app authorization stopped working

Hey Community,

I have an app, which connects to UIPath Orchestrator via OAuth 2.0.
This app was working perfectly fine until Friday, since Monday I get the error:

"status": 401,
"headers": {
    "date": "Tue, 19 Dec 2023 14:14:32 GMT",
    "content-type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
    "content-length": "309",
"response": "{\"message\":\"You are not authenticated!\",\"errorCode\":0,\"result\":null,\"targetUrl\":null,\"success\":false,\"error\":{\"code\":0,\"message\":\"You are not authenticated!\",\"details\":\"You should be authenticated (sign in) in order to perform this operation.\",\"validationErrors\":null},\"unAuthorizedRequest\":true,\"__abp\":true}",
"errorSource": "APP",
"attempts": 1


I had this problem in the past and figured out, that Re-Authorizing in custom app settings resolves the issue.
So the app stopped working each and every few weeks and I had to re-authorize - Which was fine for me.

But, this time, re-authorizing does not help.
When I do it, I get the message:

But the app as such is still having the same issues.
I’ve read through many Oauth related threads, but no one offered a solution to my problem.
What could cause this problems? There was no change on UIPath side and doing the request with Postman and OAuth is still working fine.

Oauth config:

Request config:

Is there any chance to get token refresh logs or something else?

Hope someone has an answer pretty soon. We rely on that app heavily!

Thanks in advance and all the best,

Hey @ThomasH,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Ideally, the platform would be refreshing the tokens and doesn’t require you to reauthorize it every time. To look into this issue and help you, I’ve raised a support ticket on your behalf.

Hello @zach_jones_noel
thank you for raising the ticket, I honestly hope to get a solution soon.

Maybe to clarify:
The FD app was working fine - So token refresh (tokens expire after an hour) DID work.
Only each and every few weeks/months I had to manually re-authorize.
That was completely fine for me.

But now, not even the first token after re-authorization works.

I also clarified that in the ticket you made.

Will let you know on any answer from FD support here.


Thanks for clarifying @ThomasH.

We are looking into it in deep, you will get more updates over the support ticket.

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Quick update on that - The app all of a sudden started working again after 2 weeks.
Neither Freshworks side nor the third party side did do anything.

So I’ll close this one, but still would like to know why it happened.

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