OAuth access_token is not refreshing in production

I’m the developer of an app that was recently published on the Freshdesk marketplace.
In the local test environment everything works as it should, however after publishing the app it is failing to refresh users access_tokens. I’m not sure exactly when it started failing, it seems to be around 2-3 days ago.

After adding additional logging I’ve confirmed our system completes the OAuth handshake and issues a new access_token to Freshdesk, but Freshdesk doesn’t seem to update this value. After the refresh I can see via the logs it is using the original access_token.

I’ve seen many issues in these forums with similar problems, however none that I can tell worked in local testing environment and then not in production.

Going to the marketplace and re-authorizing does not fix the issue, only uninstalling and re-installing does. With an access_token that is only valid for an hour this is not a viable interim solution.

Please assist urgently as this is affecting customers.

I’ve already raised this here Oauth access_token is not refreshing, but yet to get a response. Seems like Freshdesk developers do not monitor this space.

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Hi @fdkdev, we have received similar reports from other developers. Our team is currently investigating the cause of the issue. I’ll keep you posted.

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Hi @fdkdev,

Could you please share the app zip/snippet you face issues with? Any available error logs would also be helpful to us to check this further.


Hi Sudarsana,

I can’t really share logs as the issue is with Freshdesk OAuth itself - which is essentially built into the framework. When a request fails with a 401 http status code Freshdesk automatically requests an updated OAuth token.

Install the HubSpot or Zoho apps ( any app that uses OAuth), wait until the token expires which is usually around an hour and you will see the issue first hand as the access token fails to refresh. The widgets will fail to load and you will see an authorization error from these apps.

I can confirm the request to renew the access token reaches our system and that a new access token is issued from our side. But for some reason after Freshdesk requests the new access_token it keeps using the original one, it doesn’t seem to store the refreshed access_token.

@fdkdev our team has deployed a fix. Can you please check and confirm if your issue has been resolved?


Hi Kaustav,
The issue seems to be resolved now, thank you for the assistance.

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