OAuth autorisation flow times out

We are trying to use the OAuth2 support for a Freshdesk app. The app is located in the cti_global_sidebar. We cannot get the OAuth2 flow to work properly. See explanation below
We have implemented the Oauth feature before but perhaps it behaves differently in combination with the cti_global_sidebar location?

We cleared the browser history and loaded our Freshdesk page. We then get the “Authorization required” notification. This is because for testing purposes we call the Genesys API right away. See screenshot 76.

We then see an error in the console. See screenshot 77.

A browser window is automatically opened. See screenshot 78.

After waiting for a while the browser window gives a 504 time-out. See screenshot 79.

We checked the Freshdesk javascript and the authorize function is being called. See screenshot 80

We have setup the oauth_config.json file. See attachment

Hi @j.couwenberg,

I have checked your attachments. I understand that the first authorization handshake fails with a timeout. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In your oauth_config.json file, you have also added some URL path parameters. It will be automatically added by the platform, but I’m not sure if the third-party service requires any of them. Could you try adding only the URL (https://login.mypurecloud.com/oauth/authorize) without any URL path parameters?

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After removing the URL parameters for the Auth endpoint it worked.
Thanks for the support!

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