Oauth based integration with Freshworks CRM

Is it possible to create an Oauth based app for integrating with Freshworks CRM?

Also can this integration be done at an organization level, like an admin FreshWorks CRM users authenticating the integrated app for all users in the Organization

Right now we have an API key based integration at the user level (where each user would enter his API key to integrate our App with Freshworks CRM. We like to move this to an Oauth based integration at account level.

Any help in this respect is appreciated

We have had an office hours discussion on this and I will summarise the solution here for the wider audience.

Solution Summary:

  • OAuth-based authentication is not available for Freshworks CRM/Freshsales/Freshsales Suite.
  • There’s no API key available for org-level access that is detached to any particular user.
  • The API key attached to an admin will have access to all the modules. Only admin users can install the app and admins will have access to all the modules except billing managed only by Account admins.

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