Oauth configuration

Hi I’m trying to setup Oauth config for an 3rd party integration. I’m building an serverless app, with “node”: “14.17.3”, “fdk”: “8.6.7”.
For the Oauth config I referred the asana app given by freshworks in github:
“client_id”: “your_asana_client_id”,
“client_secret”: “your_asana_client_secret”,
“authorize_url”: “Log in - Asana”,
“token_url”: “https://app.asana.com/-/oauth_token”,
“options”: {
“token_type”: “account”
In this, my token_url is some what like https://{third party domain name}/api/token/get?service_id=12234&auth_code=authorization_code&app_key=my_client_id&app_secret=client_secret&grant_type=“authorize”,
how do I used it in the token_url, since the authorization code is generated after redirection