Old Freshdesk Account Missing - New account link also not working

Hi Team,

we have developed our Surveysparrow App in developer account

Org URL : surveysparrow-404497822036380733.myfreshworks.com

We are about to update our old app but we can’t found the app we created so kindly help us to find the correct account.

Note : We received the mail regarding the change in the account URL but new link is also not working
I have attached the screenshots that are needed to debug this issue.

Email ID associated : admin@surveysparrow.com


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Hi team,

We have a customer waiting for the update of the latest version of app.

Kindly help us the earliest to solve this problem.

Because the developer subscriptions are trial accounts, they get automatically deleted after extended periods of inactivity. In your case, it seems to be about a year.

You can create a new trial account with the same email address and then raise app ownership change request via dev-assist.freshworks.com


Hi @Saif ,

We have successfully claimed the app’s ownership but again it seems the trial is going to end today and I have claimed to extend the trial period. What is the procedure to claim the account permanently? We need access only to the developer portal and we don’t want again account to get deleted since our app is published there and customers might be using the app and we might have to update the app if required.

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