On requester change event is not triggered

The issue is in customers production account, we didn’t get the event triggered on requester change, although it is working on customers sandbox account.
attaching video recorded for issue:-

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Please let me know to overcome this.


Good Day, Welcome to the community!
I tried it in my local and I am able to get the event triggered.

but I have a question for you :thinking:

what is the placeholder which you are using?

As per my assumption you are using the new_ticket_sidebar placeholder, and make sure you had activated the app (opened the app) before typing something, other wise the app.activated event and ticket.requesterChanged won’t be registered without activating the app.

or other wise I would suggest to use new_ticket_background location to always listen for the event.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hii @Santhosh ,

Thanks a lot for your response,

we tried the same way it’s working in my test account but it’s not working in the customer live account,

if possible can we connect on a call for discuss the same


Hi @Balchand_Patidar,

you can schedule an office hour meeting with us using the following Calendly link

Make sure you link this topic while scheduling the call.


HI @Balchand_Patidar

You can also share an reproducible version of app zip file replacing all the business logic with simply console logs or something and share it? We can maybe try uploading in our trial instances and see what’s wrong?