onConversationUpdate on Common Module

Hi @Saif - That worked. However I have now hit another problem.

The FDK is reporting the following when I try to run it.

āœ– Invalid event: 'onConversationUpdate' for module: common

Below is my manifest.

  "platform-version": "3.0",
  "modules": {
    "common": {
      "events": {
        "onAppInstall": {
          "handler": "onAppInstallHandler"
        "onAppUninstall": {
          "handler": "onAppUninstallHandler"
        "onConversationUpdate": {
          "handler": "onConversationUpdateHandler"
      "requests": {
    "support_ticket": {}
  "engines": {
    "node": "18.15.9",
    "fdk": "9.1.0"

I looked up the documentation, I see onConversationUpdate is available on support_ticket module. If you that can be categorised outside of common, this will work with any supported module.

Hi @Saif

Thanks for this response. I was looking for it for a chat conversation. I now know that you need to put that under the chat_conversation module.

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