onTicketUpdate works only for ticket properties, but not works for custom fields in serverless app

What is event trigger for updating custom fields. We learned that onTicketUpdate works only for inherent ticket properties, not for custom fields. Please suggest solution.

Hi Karuppu Samy,
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Changes to custom fields will not trigger the event. However, when a ticket property is changed along with a custom field, the event is triggered and it will have the custom field changes information.
and We can take it as a feature request.

Let me know if you have any other question.

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I would like to up vote this as a feature request. More and more I see the need for changes to custom fields triggering the onTicketUpdate serverless event. Appreciate you passing this onto the product teams. Also I suggest freshservice as the first place to upgrade :wink:


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Just linking similar requests on this feedback thread for future reference for the Platform team,

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Hi. Is there any possibility to have that feature request added on the pipeline?

Just for clarity on custom field enablement, do take a look at this thread everyone -> Questions on the onTicketUpdate trigger - App Development - Freshworks Developer Community