Ontimeentryupdate & Freshdesk


Am I missing something or is this a bug?

" The local server could not be started due to the following issue(s):
[ERROR] Event callback ‘onTimeEntryUpdateCallback’ is not defined for product: freshdesk."

And yet it is in the guide.

Sample of code, well I went back to the example that is in the guide. Can not get it to work, starting to guess there is another issue.


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hey @Octopus,

There seems to be a typo in Line no 5 of the example given in the doc, Instead of onTimeEntryUpdateCallback it was given as ononTimeEntryUpdateCallback could you please change it to the correct callback name.

exports = {
  events: [
    { event: "onTimeEntryUpdate", callback: "onTimeEntryUpdateCallback" }
  ononTimeEntryUpdateCallback: function(payload) {
    console.log("Logging arguments from onTimeEntryUpdate event: " + JSON.stringify(payload));

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Stay Safe :slight_smile:


Wonderful, thank you! - Works!