Open ticket child creation modal with app

We were creating an app in Freshdesk, where the freshdesk agent chooses a field agent by it’s location and has to create a child ticket attached to this field agent.

When the freshdesk agent clicks on the “Atribuir” button (Image 1), the field agent listed in that card has to be selected in the in the dropdown “field agent” within the child ticket forms side modal (Image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

Is there a way to accomplish this?

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@Matozinho ,
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you can use Instance Method to communicate between apps and modal,
i.e app to modal (or) modal to app (or) modal to modal

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Hi @Santhosh, thanks for reply!

Sorry, I don’t think I was very clear. The modal shown in the figure is not a custom app, but a freshdesk modal, which is triggered to create a new ticket.

I can’t open it with the instance method because it’s not from my app. Is there any way to send data for pre-population in this modal?

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If I understand correctly,

  1. The center modal is opened up by an app.
  2. The right modal is opened via Freshdesk.

When a user does #1, you are trying to auto-fill #2 with the filed agent selected in #1.

With that understanding of mine, I have one more question — Once the user fills up the app modal, in order to open the service tasks’ modal, the user is expected to first create a service task and then fill up the details. In this user flow, when a user creates a service task you need one of the fields to have ‘field agent’ already assigned.

Can you confirm if my understanding here is accurate? Also, add any possible alternatives you imagine.


Hello Saif, I think you understand correctly, we are creating an application that brings real-time location of field technicians, this way the agent can select the field technician who is closest to the call.

The idea would be for the agent to select a field technician in the custom application, when this choice occurs, we would like to call the opening screen of field services already with the chosen agent selected, so that the agent will complete the call data.

If there is any snippet-code we could think of a global app.

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Thanks for the elaboration @Marllon_Mainardes

This is an absolutely valid use case, usually, this kind of case is handled by Interface Method. For example, in order to set a ticket property programmatically,

await client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id: "status", value: 3})

But in your case, there is no interface to programmatically reach out to the service task module. (Wil be taken as feedback item) Alternatively, when the user clicks on ‘Atribuir’, you create a service task automatically by using Create Service Task API using Request Method.


thanks @Saif , I believe this will help us, I hadn’t paid attention to this update in the documentation! sorry!


Hi @Saif, thanks for clarification! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But now we have a new doubt.
When the API returns all the ticket fields (get /api/v2/ticket_fields), we notice the default freshdesk custom fields have the pattern cf_fsm_... . If we want to get all the custom fields from a Service Task, how can we identify this?

If we use the pattern cf _..., this can select fields from a normal ticket, not a Service Task.

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me parese muy interesante te mando un abraso

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