Outbound Call from Ameyo - ticket details visibility issue

Problem statement:
Unable to get the ticket# when we use AmeyoR4 app to use outbound calls

Steps followed:

  • AmeyoR4 app was installed in Freshdesk and click to call option integrated where agent open particular ticket and clicking the work number the outbound calls were successfully initiated via Ameyo to customer.

However, Ameyo is unable to get the ticket number from Freshdesk.

Attaching the screenshot for reference.

Hello @Arun1

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I am assuming you are referring to this app - Freshdesk AmeyoR4 Integration | Freshworks Marketplace

Have you tried contacting the Ameyo support team for help with this app? You can find their contact details on the app page I referenced above.

@satwik They are trying to contact you guys for the fix, please help them. i can share the email id if you want

Hi @Arun1, given this is an app-specific issue, you will need to contact the app developers. If you are in touch with them, please ask them to reply to this thread so we can help debug the issue.

We will need to know the expected behaviour and see the code used to implement it.

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