Pagination in Freshservice Custom Objects API is not working

Hi All,

Thanks in Advance.

I am creating a custom app in Freshservice to automate the creation of Onboarding Ticket whenever a new employee is hired in my HRMS System.

I have my list of Job titles in a custom objects.
The list is quite big as it consists of 150+ items in it.

I want to get all the custom object records to do a mapping and create the onboarding ticket with proper job title.

The issue that I am facing here is the GET Api for custom object records only return a maximum of 100 records in a single request.
The page query param doesn’t seem to work here.

And When I referred to the API documentations, I came to know that there will be a next_page_link will be sent along with the response which will be further used to get the next page of records.

It is not working.

The below is the URL.;DESC"

Can anyone help me with this?

Let me know if I am missing something here.

Hi @Sarnith_Balan,

Could you share the GET API request that has been used, along with the query parameters?
Also, is it possible to share the API response with hidden sensitive information?