Panel in the sidebar on the company details page via Custom App

We have a Custom App that displays as panel in the sidebar of the ticket- & contact-detail-screens. This is managed from the manifest.json.

We would also like to see the same panel in the sidebar when looking at the company details. Could this be made possible, please?

I looked up the documentation - Placeholders

It appears that apps on the company details page are primarily run in the background. So I guess Freshdesk does not provide placeholder for developers to run them in this section you are referring.

But I see the value it provides. I will capture this as a feature request to the product teams.

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Thanks Saif Ali. Can you give any indication as to when this might be implemented?

Dear Saif Ali Shaik,

any update on this? Will this become available in the near future?

The reason I’m asking this is that even the company_background does not give access to the company data via“company”). How else can I work with context information to help our our support-people, please?

with kind regards,

Dear Freshwork developers,

any update on this. It would make the live of our support people a lot easier. And might even become a deal-breaker when a product review is started.

with kind regards,

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