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Hello all,

I am building a custom installation page and would like to use moment library. I have downloaded the min.js file.

What’s the recommended location to place this file?


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Hi @Vvikas,
if you are using the script on the custom installation page, place the file in /freshdesk-app/config/assets/*.js

and if you going to use the script in app rendering, use it in /freshdesk-app/app/*

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Hi @Santhosh

Thank you for replying. It’s clear now.

Just wanted to ask - what if the script is being used in both places: custom installation page and app rendering?

you need to put in both the places

or otherwise, put this file in any CDN and use it in both places.


From their docs:

Moment.js is available on and on jsDelivr.

You can use those CDN sources in your app. Though the best way forward is not to use Moment.js.

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Thanks for the advise @kaustavdm

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