POST Request, Error in establishing connection

on the freshdesk app while doing local testing (http://localhost:10001 server) for a post request we get this response:
{“status”:502,“headers”:{},“response”:“Error in establishing connection”,“errorSource”:“APP”,“attempts”:1}.

Although when we do the same request outside freshdesk … we get a response back from the server.

Hello Mohammed,

Can you please share the snippet of code that makes this request?


here is the code making the request ... note that same code used to work fine for a long period .. not sure if its related to the sdk update ?


var headers = {"Authorization":  "Basic <%= encode(iparam.freshdeskApiKey) %>" };
     var options = (ajaxObject.external)? { headers: headers } : {}; 
    options.body =  someData;

  , options)


                function(data) {

                //handle "data"

                //"data" is a json string with status, headers, and response.

                    if (ajaxObject.success) {

                        ajaxObject.success(Utils.AutoParse(data.response)); // a function that take the server time parameter on success of the ajax



                function(err) {

                //handle failure






One quick help, Can get me the logs those are produced when this issue is occuring?

You have to give the following run command : NODE_DEBUG=fdk fdk run

never mind it seems to be resolved today … not sure what changed.
don’t want to waste your time

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