Proactive messaging reports


I I was reading the documentation of the freshchat reports and I have been pulling reports from there and observing the data.
I want to know how can I report the messages sent via proactive whats app as I was not able to sort this out.


Whatsapp proactive reports are not available via APIs. However, the usage metrics are available as an in-product feature

thanks for your reply, for some reason that option is not present in my account.


Could you share your URL or the appid? Do you know if the account is omnichannel?

it’s pro omnichannel, it’s

@AnandVasagam the support told me that the new accounts are the only ones that have this feature available, they referred to Whats-app insights which I already have installed, but unfortunately the level or report is pretty basic. Just looking to have at least date / number and status (delivered not delivered)