Problem Installing CLI based on QuickStart guide

I’m trying to go through the “Quick Start guide”. Using Win10 x64
Everything went fine up until:
“For Windows, you need to install a few required tools and configurations by using the following command.
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools”
Everything before that started with “nvm…”
If I run the above command as is, it will tell me: “‘npm’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,”
If I run the above command replacing the npm with nvm, I get:“Node.js v–global.0.0 is only available in 32-bit.”
What would be the correct line for Win10 64 bit? / or what is the problem?

I have alo attmepted to skip the above step and install CLI already.
“npm install -g”
Again NPM is still not recognised and if replaced by NVM, the result is:
"Version 6.2.4 is not available. If you are attempting to download a “just released” version,
it may not be recognized by the nvm service yet (updated hourly). If you feel this is in error and
you know the version exists, please visit “… removed this link because i can only add 2 links” and submit a PR.

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Hi @Adam_Bukovinszki, just some thoughts but make sure node is installed on your machine by running node --version, also try running the npm commands in a admin powershell prompt. Hope this helps.


Hi, thanks for the reply.
These are the steps that the linked tutorial tell to install Node:
To install Node using NVM, run the following command: “nvm install 10.18”
To that I get the message: “Version 10.18.0 is already installed.”

Hmm… I might have a hint what might be the problem:
Is it possible that the program cannot handle a folder name with space in it? (“Program Files”)
Please see below:
“Note: For Windows, if the node version is not displayed, you may need to enable nvm by running the command: nvm on”
RE: “nvm enabled
exit status 1: ‘C:\Program’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”
If that is the case i might need to uninstall NVM and everything and reinstall in a simpler folder?
I have reinstalled it in a new folder without spaces.
That did not resolve the main problems.

What is NPM and what step should theoretically enable the recognition of NPM?
(Previoudly we had all commands start with NVM instead and those were at least recognised. Is this only just a typo in the guide??)
If I try the last 2 lines with NVM instead of NPM, these are the outcomes:

  • nvm install --global --production windows-build-tools => “Node.js v–global.0.0 is only available in 32-bit.”

  • nvm install -g =>
    “Version 6.2.4 is not available. If you are attempting to download a “just released” version,
    it may not be recognized by the nvm service yet (updated hourly).” … the rest you can see in my original post

Please help moving forward


Hello @Adam_Bukovinszki, so NVM is Node Version Manager. It allows you to have multiple versions of Node.js on your machine. Developers use this to make sure they are building apps that are compatible with different systems. NPM is Node Package Manager and is what is used to install Node dependencies, like this windows build tools, which is actually built using python.

This link, Has some helpful instructions for making sure python in installed so that you can install the windows build tools. These are needed to be able to use the FDK through the command line interface. The above link is mentioned in the Freshworks Developer documentation.

One other thing I did to get this to work on my PC was to set up my developer environment working through Linux for windows. Windows has the ability to install a Ubuntu kernel, therefore allowing me to work in a Bash Terminal, which I much more prefer, instead of Windows Command Prompt. When you have a bash terminal to use, all the Mac commands in the documentation apply instead of the ones for windows. Seems to be a more seamless process of installing the Freshworks FDK platform.

Here is a resource that I used for setting up a developer environment on a Windows 10 PC,

Hope this helps,


hi @Adam_Bukovinszki

Welcome to the freshworks developer community,

I have a few clarifications,
did you install nvm for windows from this link?
did you check if node and npm is installed successfully via nvm by checking the node version by running
node -v and npm -v ?

Finally, installing node with nvm is one option, if you choose to install node js directly you can download the nodejs from this below links
windows 64 bit zip
windows 64 bit msi
other versions

once nodejs is installed, you can start directly from the below step
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

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The first part of your comment contained expressions not recognies by windows command line,
so I focused on the second part of your comment:

using the 64bit MSI installer sucessfully installed Node.js
after that i could successfully install the CLI also.
Currently I have 6.2.4 and it offers me to install 6.3.2 via another link that it provided.
Shall I go for this newer version number also?

(Thanks for the help already)

Hi @Adam_Bukovinszki,

Yes, the new version (6.3.2) of CLI can be installed. It should work fine.

Whenever the apps are run with the command, fdk run, it will prompt for confirmation to auto-update if there are new version of FDK CLI available. That process will be smooth as well. :slight_smile:

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