Problem to create a ticket as an Agent from the API

I am using the API to create a Ticket from my website, and I want to create the ticket as an Agent to notify the customer about his order, so I am using the next Structure :

$ticket = Ticket::make([
                 "source"        => Ticket::SOURCE_OUTBOUND_EMAIL,
                 "responder_id"  => $this->agentApiService->getCurrentAdminAgent()->getId(),
                 "description"   => $messageData['body_text'],
                 "subject"      => __('Order tracking ') . $order->getIncrementId(),
                 "email"         => $order->getCustomerEmail(),
                 "priority"      => Ticket::PRIORITY_LOW,
                 "status"        => Ticket::STATUS_OPEN,
                 "type"           => Ticket::TYPE_ORDER,
                 "attachments"   => $this->_getAttachments(),
                 "custom_fields" =>[
                    "cf_orderid" => $orderId,
                    "cf_category"=> $category,
                    "cf_storeid" => $storeId,

After create the ticket successfully, I found an issue, in The Ticket in Freshdesk appear the Agent that has the API token as the creator of the ticket, but I would like to show the Agent that create the ticket as the creator.

So I’ve tried to add in the responder_id the current Agent, and in this way it creates the tickets and assign the agent to the ticket, but then when I try to reply the first message, passing in user_id the id of current Agent, It’s generating an 403 Error as response.

Somebody could help me with this?