Processing stopped in the deployed app in Freshworks CRM

We created a special app to get data from a specific module and do important tasks with it. When we tested it with the simulator, everything seemed to work perfectly, as shown in the logs.

image (10)

But when we put the app into action, we faced a big problem. The processing suddenly stopped for no clear reason. What’s really worrying is that there are no error messages, making it hard to figure out what’s wrong.

@ayman_tahiri @Youssef_El_Ainouni

Hi @Taha_DAFALI,

The timeout and rate limit restrictions must be considered when using the Freshworks platform features in the app.

The local simulation may not have all the restrictions in place to provide a similar situation for high-traffic usage in the app. The local simulation will also use all the processing power from your system. When the app is deployed, it will only have limited processing power.

Please refer to the documentation for restrictions on using Serverless features.

Regarding logs in the deployed app, the logs will only be printed up to the app execution. Upon the function timeout, the app execution will be terminated, and no logs will be printed beyond that point. So ensure, that app execution is completed within the 20-second timeout of serverless features.