Product event not triggered in sandbox account

Hi Team,

We have developed the custom app to update the ticket subject based on ticket field values. We have used onTicketCreate Product Event in the app. The app is working fine in the dev environment. The onTicketCreate event is not triggered in a sandbox account.

Hello @arjunan,

We do not see any widely outage in the product events. Do you still see the delay in the product events?

If so, could you please provide the following information to analyze and narrow down the issue?

  1. Did this app work in the production sandbox account before and is not triggering the events now?
  2. Do you see any errors in the serverless logs?
  3. From when this event is not triggered?
  4. Is this intermittent or continuous?
  5. Were you able to run the same app in a regular account rather than a sandbox account?
  6. Does any other activities work in the Freshdesk UI on the same account?

Hello @Raviraj,

Find the below comments,

  1. This is a new app, the first time installed in a sandbox account (I also tried with two sandbox accounts).
  2. No errors displayed in the serverless log.
  3. Noticed this on 25th June 2020.
  4. This is continuous.
  5. The app is working fine in a regular account.
  6. Yes. The same app is running in the ticket background location to listen to the ticket.propertiesUpdated event and it is working fine.

For testing purposes, I have created a serverless app, only printed the log on a product event handler(onTicketCreate). I checked the serverless log on this app, nothing printed on the log.

Thank you for your information. The events are working fine now upon testing in the sandbox account.

If it repeats and reproducible, we can investigate into it further.