Programmatically update Widget "Suggested Articles"

Is there any way to control the list of Suggested Articles from our webapp where the widget is embedded?

Hello @apatton. Let me first welcome you to the community! :tada:

I see you have also created a Github issue here requesting an enhancement. Thank you for creating the issue; it really helps understand your ask better.

As you appear to have realized, this is likely to require extensibility support from Freshdesk, the product, before you could customize the list to your needs. Please allow us to capture this as feedback and attempt to get some inputs from the Freshdesk product team.

@apatton, May be you are looking for something like this article ?


This articles essentially explains how a user can configure selective pages to be suggested to website visitor.

If I am not wrong, you are looking for ways to accomplish the same using an API. Is my understanding correct? In that case, is it possible for you share the use-case that you are trying solve. A abstract 2 liner would be sufficient.

I found out from the Freshdesk team that this feature that you are requested for has been decided to be implemented at later point of time. For now, I am moving your topic to the feedback category and have it tracked.

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Hi @Saif , was this feature ever re-implemented? We have a use case where we need to show articles relative to the page the user is on. Currently this is not possible in the freshdesk dashboard.


To my awareness, there were no updates to this feature since we last know about it.

Is there something missing in this article that’s not helping your usecase?