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Hello FD Developers,

We have created an integration with Freshdesk and are looking to publish the app on Freshdesk Marketplace. Our integration makes use of the Freshdesk API key inside our app and uses Freshdesk APIs to create new tickets in Freshdesk. As I understand this type of app is an External App. So when I am trying to publish the app I am asked to enter the “Enter URL to link your app”. What should I enter here? My app does not make use of Fresdesk APK. It just makes use of the APIs freshdesk provides.

Also If I really need to create a URL, What should it be and how should it be created and how should it work ?

Help is appreciated.

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Hello @Raviraj
Thanks for your answer on this. Would really appreciate if you could answer this as well.

@rs1812 Hey

I think you want to publish a Freshdesk App or as we like to call it Public App. External Apps mean apps from external marketplace (not the Freshdesk Marketplace, hence the URL for that marketplace). Do have a look through type of apps and most importantly, reach out if you need any more clarifications.

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Yes, I saw the types of apps. But our app is similar to the one as this

Our app does not use Freshdesk SDK or neither its a custom app. Does a Freshdesk app nessesarily need to use Freshdesk APK ? Because there is no code base to submit as required there

Hey @rs1812,

Based on your comparison with the Typeform External app, I guess, you have implemented your integration with Freshworks like an external integration outside our platform but using Freshdesk API.

I’m not sure what kind of application do you have since it’s outside our platform and it can be in any type of application/software. The URL asked when submitting is the only connect URL that will lead the users directly to your application/website/software to try out your product and see if it can be integrated with their Freshdesk account.

So, this URL can be chosen accordingly by you. It can be your website URL to get a sneak peek of your product, an application where the new users can signup, a software page where the user can download, and so on.

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Generally, Other platform provide the link to their web app which collects API key from the user. The 3rd party platform uses the API key to make REST API calls to consume Freshdesk APIs.

Can you describe more about the integration? A lot of them use ‘intergration’ as a term in a lot of interchangeable ways. To make sure we are on the same page, may be you can describe how you expect an user to use this integration?

Generally, apps like Typeform, would redirect the user via Visit Site to Install button, which is also essentially what you see the App submission portal as you shared in the screenshot.

Maybe with above information, I could possibly get some help to answer you following question.

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