Publishing Vue app to Freshworks Marketplace - Code Reviews at App Review Process

Hello we have submited last week an application Lodago on the marketplace.

I received an email for code coverage but we had several exchanges about this topic and since we are using Vue components i think they can’t pass the automatic tests.

Am i right ?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hope you are doing good!
Currently, FDK doesn’t support automatic code coverage for the apps written with a framework,
Kindly share the App Id, we will skip the code coverage check during our review process :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply here is the app id lodago 18258

Hi @Santhosh could you take care of it ? also i can’t anymore access from my account the status of it ?

We had skipped the code coverage, please resubmit the app again.


@Santhosh how ? the same way ?

@msenhaji, yes the same way

I submitted my app without code coverage as well (with Vue.js) can you take care of it please?
Not sure though where to find the app_id, maybe is that one (44720) in the submission page URL:
Thanks for your help!

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