Puzzel WFM Integration to Freshdesk

One of Freshworks’ customer would like to use a workforce management tool to be able to forecast as well as schedule workforce based on the volume of tickets logged by their customer to their Freshdesk ticketing platform. Puzzle WFM was seen as a possible tool to be used to accomplish this requirement as it can generate accurate forecasts and create scheduled that will ensure that the contact centre is always efficiently and effectively staffed.

Freshworks to provide a way for Ocular to be able to get the below metrics for each queue (group). This data must be provided for each queue in 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1-hour intervals. The metrics are as follows: -
• Interval (datetime) – Indicating the start of an interval
• Queue(string) – The group the ticket was assigned to
• Offered(integer) – The number of tickets logged
• Handled(integer) – The number of tickets handled or attended to
• Average Handing Time(double) – The average duration it took for the ticket to be handled
• Service Level(double)
• Average Speed of Answer – The average duration it took for tickets to get the first response
• Backlog – The number of tickets still to be attended to from previous intervals
This data can be provided either from a csv file or via an API though the API would be preferred.

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The APIs provided by Freshworks can be found from https://developer.freshdesk.com/api and the ticket export can be automated with Analytics in Freshdesk and the file can be fetched via API if required. Refer to this article for exporting the ticket analytics data.

If any specific details are missing or unachievable, please post here to get help from the community.

@Kefilwe did this article help? I am looking to do the same for a another WFM tool