Queries on Freshdesk app update notification and testing paid app publish flow

I have a few questions related to updating Freshdesk App:

  1. When we add a new version of the app, will the customer get notified? Right now, in the Custom App, I don’t receive any notification when I publish a new version
  2. Is there any testing or staging environment where we can test the adding of the public paid app and its update (new version adding) somehow secretly to not make the app publicly available?
  3. Could the new version release be automated somehow?

Thanks in advance.

Nhat Nguyen

  1. If the newer version is auto-updatable, the app will be auto-upgraded without any user action. If not, the customer can see the update button against installed app in app list page
  2. You can upload the app as custom app and test it within your account.
  3. Can you please elaborate on this.

Thank you, however, I still need more information on this.

  1. If I do not mark it auto-updatable, will the user get the notifications about the newer version of the app without going to the app list page because many users won’t go to the page to check if there is a new version or not.
  2. I have already tested within custom apps. However, it doesn’t have some functions that I want it to be, such as Add More Languages, Paid App. I want to test some functions, especially how users pay for the app.
  3. I’ll discuss this with my team and elaborate on this later.
  1. No, users won’t get any notification about the newer version of the app
  2. All the apps have same payment user experience for an account. The difference is the pricing changes

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