Question about tickets/comments API

We have issue with data migration form some external system info freshdesk:

  1. When we create new ticket and comment in Freshdesk we would like to set created_at field to date when it was originally created in external system, however no matter what format we provide, we get error, so we had to remove this field. But it is important as client is migrating from another system to be able to set created_at to original date.
    So is there a way how we can set this data during initial migration from another system?

  2. For ticket comments API, how we can set body_text? We can set only html content? If we try to set this field we get error, so we had to remove it.

  3. For initial integration, is it possible to increase API limits temporary?

Hi @ivica ,


Kindly find the answers to your queries below:

Query 1:
When updating ticket fields, we can’t update all the fields; there will be a list of fields that can be updated, and some fields can’t be updated, such as created_at. As a workaround, you can create a custom field and update the necessary value to the newly created field, which would help you keep track of the original created value.

You can find the list of fields that can be updated in the parameter section from the link below:
Query 2:
You can pass the string value in the body field using the API, which will automatically update the body_text value with the text and the body value with the HTML value.

Query 3:
I’m not sure about increasing the API limits temporarily. Let’s ask Freddy for his thoughts on this.

@Freddy, can we increase API limits temporarily for the initial integration?

Freddy said Hi @Anish and @ivica,

Regarding the temporary increase in API limits for initial integration, it is possible, but you will need to contact our support team to discuss this further. Please provide them with the specific details of your integration requirements as well as your account information so that they can evaluate your request and decide on the limit increase.

You can contact our support team through the following link:

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!