Questions from a newbie

Hi Guys, I’m newbie in Freshworks

I Have a couple of general questions first to understand better the whole framework. I only interested in custom app and mainly in tickets.

1- The documentation for FreshDesk works on FreshService at tickets level? because I can’t find the time_entry event or Data API in the service documentation. I wonder if it works or not ?

2- Any type of extended logic has to be done via custom app, right ? if it has no UI the location should be ticket_background ?

3- The onTimeEntryCreate event is only available at serverless mode?

4- I can’t still figure out the difference with Serverless App. If I don’t need to interact with other app but I want to interact with time_entry creation I have to use Serverless?

5- If I use the ticket_top_navigation location I have to create the “modal” windows? because I moved the first app demo from the side to the top and I only see the icon but when clicked nothing happens.

My first custom app is to validate that the sum of the billable time_entry hs that a ticket have doesn’t exceed a custom field added called “Estimation” to stop a user from generating an new time_entry if the total estimation is reached. Could some1 share some source code or enlight me a little?



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@ROGI Welcome :wave: Thanks for taking time to initiate a conversation. I’d be glad to help.

  1. Although ticketing aspects are same with Freshservice :freshservice: and Freshdesk :freshdesk:, when it comes to what you are looking for in Freshservice, we do have seperate docs for Freshservice that you can refer to.
  2. Custom apps can help you with extended logic for sure. If the app doesn’t have UI, YES - For Ticket Details page, ticket_background is the right location in Freshservice.
  3. The onTimeEntryCreate event is available as a product event for Freshdesk. It is not yet available for Freshservice.
  4. :freshdesk: Serverless doesn’t necessarily need to talk to 3rd party Applications online to build one. You can still create a serverless app and consume onTimeEntryCreate’s payload to access your needed time_entry property.
  5. You will need to use Interface API to trigger a modal within your app. Are you sure that you are doing it?

Looking at your use case, let me take some time until I get back to you if I have any suggestions.

Please feel free to correct me if I haven’t understood your intended question.

We do have samples that you can refer to and build on top of your use case. You can find all of those sample codes here.

Hi, Saif, thanks for the answers. I have seen the sample codes in github, they are helpfull but I have to be aware because there is a lot more complex samples for FreshDesk than FreshService.

1- Ok
2- Ok
3- So I won’t be able to create the app that I want (validate the time_entry input) until is provided in the Product event in FleshService, right?
4- In that case what’s the point in not using Serverless, if I can do even more thing with Serveless Mode why even have the not Serverless option?
5- I tought that was the reason.

btw, I read somewhere about fullscreen page location, but is not in the documentation. Just to know the documentation may be outdated? and how did you add those emogis of FleshDesk and FleshService i believe I’ll have to use it a lot in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad those were Helpful, @ROGI

#3 - Yes.
#4 - I am little unsure about what is your definition for serverless. On our developer platform, the apps that are built using Serverless platform features will run our Infrastructure without having the developer to host his own. For example, see this sample app which doesn’t use any serverless feature, yet adds value to the Agent’s productivity. This is anyway in general, as I don’t know the specifics of your use case.

May be you are talking about this article? This is available for Freshdesk as of today. See App location -> full_page_app. Documentation is not outdated.

: freshdesk : in the editor -> :freshdesk:
: freshservice : in the editor -> :freshservice:

Do use them. :smile:

I have seen 3rd partys app to input hours… so all this app don’t work on :freshservice: also ?

regarding the full page, yes, that one. But again is not available in :freshservice: yet :expressionless:

I know that the services :freshdesk: and :freshservice: have differences but I don’t understand why at ticket level. I’ll stay tune on the changelos update to see when I would be able to do the 2 apps that we need.

1- Validate the hours against a ticket ( I saw an app that to tihs but at Department/Company level)
2- Validate the hours of an employee, for example don’t let them enter more than 8 hours per day or less than 40 hours per week.

We want to use frershservice as MSP. We enable it so the department now are called Company, but it’s only that ??? I couldn’t find more info how what enables turning on MSP mode. Could you share some insights or info about what changes with MSP mode on ?

btw, is there a place where user can make suggestion or vote for features?

See if the 3rd party app that you are referring to exists in :freshservice: marketplace.

For the changelog, please refer to Annoucements. :speaker:

Can you elaborate what MSP means?

Its actually one Free, I don’t know if it’s not done by Freshwork.

This App does the same that I need but at Company level, not ticket… now my question is how this can work if there is no event on time_entry for :freshservice:

MSP = managed service provider.

Here is the link of support on how to switch to MSP


I went through the app that you pointed me in Freshservice Marketplace. Here is how the app works without the use of product event for :freshservice:.

  1. This app captures the the contacts and time that needs to spent prior the app installation itself.
  2. Every time app is activated, it fetches the time and starts timer at ticket level.

Coming back to your question, I assume you are trying to calculate all the time spent across tickets specific to certain company. Is that what you mean by Company level, not ticket level ?


That app do what you explained. What I want to do is to validate that a user can’t enter timeentry if the sum of billable hours of the ticket + the new hours (billable) that he need to add exced a custom field called Estimation.

Think it this way I tell my client that I will solve the ticket in 5 hours. So the users can’t enter more than 5 billable hours into that ticket.

Btw if I want to grey out fields of the tickets based on a condition (when a user enter to the details of a ticket). For example if the status is PENDING grey out a custom field added to the ticket. This is done also via custom app or how ?


If it seems like you definitely need onTimeEntryCreate if your app needs to interact with Freshservice’s Ticket properties. I will have this as a Feature request and pass it on to the relavant team.

However, You can create an app that may not have to depend on onTimeEntryCreate product event.

May be you can use Time Entry API to gather the details that you need, and in ticket sidebar location, app can notify user that he has exceeded the Estimation custom filed.