Questions regarding API rate limit in custom app

We are trying to setup automations based on events and create custom apps which would call our APIs to fetch information

  1. How would the 50 calls rate limit be applicable, i.e. is the 50 limit per agent or overall
  2. If we are hitting the Freshdesk V2 APIs via custom apps would our (50 app limit and V2 rate limit) be affected
  3. If 2 is true then is there a way to overcome this
  4. Can we increase the 50 rate limit for custom APIs

Hi @karthik_yanduru,
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The app Rate-Limits are per-app and per account.

yes it will if request limit is crossed more than 50

yes, you can, but before you need to analyze and justify why this rate limit is required,

For more reference, kindly go through this Get assistance in extending platform API limits for your apps

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi @Santhosh

so if there are 10 agents technically there is an overall limit of 500 per app per minute or 50 per app per minute?

there are 2 parts to this

  1. After consuming the 50 per app per minute limit, will the API calls fail or use v2 limit?
  2. If we call api/v2/tickets from an app will our v2 and app limit be consumed

its per app and per account, which means 50 per app

it will be through the error

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