Quickest and best way to scaffold a React app?

Would like to have more react apps to scaffold from fdk create.

Did add a fdk create and selected the react scaffolding for the Freshdesk product. However, then I did change the product to Freshservice in manifest.json to see if this would work for my client that uses Freshservice. However, it did not work.

Quickest way to scaffold a React app for freshservice?

(Do belive this would create a lot better development experience)

Hi @Albin ,

Good day!

Thanks for the feedback. Will sure pass your request of having more react apps to scaffold from fdk create under each product.

Coming to your second part of your scaffolded app not working with freshservice client - did you check if you’re getting any errors on console. Can you help us with error logs if any?

Meanwhile, I tried the same steps & it seem to work fine. Sharing the demo-app repo link here. Feel free to fork it and work on this meanwhile we bring in more options to scaffold from fdk create.

Let me know if this works.

Your feedback is noted.

We plan to shift our paradigm of how React works with Freshworks Apps. It’s as part of that, there aren’t active scaffolds, you notice.

Legends. Thank you!

Did fork the app, however did´nt get it to run in the ticket_sidebar. But did got it to run in the full_page_app?

A collegue send me this link as well: Introduction | FDK Single Page App Integrations

& another question that comes to mind.
To create a React app when creating both placeholder app, but also a serverless app. Would this be an issue?

, Albin

I did not quite understand this, @Ansfs91

Did you mean to use react in serverless parts of your app via npm package?

Have a client that want to have a serverless app and a ticket_side_bar UI app. Hence my idea was to build it with a React app (as that is what I am used to work with so that I can use Hooks etz. for data manipulation). HOwever wasnt sure if that would work so i opted for the “save” option so that I wouln´dt run into any problems.

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That is helpful, Albin. :slight_smile:

No, this won’t be a problem. An app’s frontend can completely leverage react, and serverless wouldn’t impact it.

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