Quoted text not included in reply created through the Freshdesk API


When creating a reply manually through the web UI, the ticket conversation will be included as quoted_text:

However when creating replies through the Freshdesk API, the quoted text is not included. The documentation also does not mention any parameter to enable the quoted text.
I would expect this to be possible as it is the default behavior through the UI and a include_quoted_text parameter exists for the forward method.

Is the documentation lacking or does the functionality not exist through the API?

I have already tried adding

{"include_quoted_text": true}

to the POST request but get an invalid_field error.

I’m having the same issue and haven’t found a solution yet. Already had chat and mail conversions with freshdesk in de past, but no solution so far.

Hopefully this will be solved asap because i need this functionality before I can use the API to respond to tickets.

Hey @snaus,

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I’ve raised a support ticket on Freshdesk about the same. The support team should be able to help you.

Hey @Olrik_Nijmeijer,

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:
Thanks for the patience, Freshdesk support should have something in place now.

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Hey Sebastian,
I stumbled across the same issue. I recon, that this feature just doesn’t exist.
The include_quoted_text property is only available for forwarding according to documentation, not for replying.

But would love to see it implemented. So maybe use the support ticket to hand it in as a feature request, if FD confirms my thoughts.