Rate-limit API issues

We are developing a voice and SMS service app to integrate with Freshsales. And I found that the number of API calls is limited, according to the plans (Does Freshsales have API request limits for an account ? : Freshsales)
Due to these limits, we have a couple of trouble as below:

  • Custom App
  1. Search API: /api/search?q=[query param]&include=[entities]
    Trouble: No response of the phone numbers that need to be searched for making a call
  2. When we get 100 call logs and their contacts from Freshsales, the results almost is limit requests (As the attached photo)
  • API
  1. List Leads/Contact
    Trouble: No detailed description for the datetime filter (eg: updated_at >= ‘2020-11-05T00:00:00’)

Please let me know how to figure out these issues.

Can you please elaborate on the issue here?

To increase the API limit request, please send an email to support@freshsales.io

Are you looking for listing leads/contacts which are updated after a specified time?

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1. Search API

  • We did use the API Search
    GET /api/search?q=[query param]&include=[entities]
    But the response does not have phone numbers which are used for our apps make the calls
  • We try with other APIs: Filtered search and Lookup Search
    But no response. It looks to be an error because we can get the response with API Search (only no needed filed of Phone numbers)
  1. Could we ask for an unlimited API limit request?
    Because we will never know the total/limited number of contacts that are saved by the customers.

  2. Yes, we wish to have the API for listing leads/contacts which are updated before/after a specified time or in a range of time or something is similar (From date to date)

  3. We could not find any API for users. We would like to get the user ID and user roles to assign the phone numbers/Extension to an admin/agent/…

Hi Emma,

You can search using phone_numbers provided you include the entity. I had created a lead with phone number ( say (234) 567 8901 ). To search, API is /api/search?q=2345678901&include=leads

You can reach out to support@freshsales.io and mention your requirements of increased API limit.

Sadly, this is not possible. I will take this as a feedback.

UserId ( owner id ) can be found under either owner or user in most of the APIs response. You can include=“owner” if not returned by default. Loggedin user role can be found in Data API

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  1. In the scenario, the agent searches contact with names. So, we expect the phone number will be shown up in the result of the call widget.
    Because the phone number is not included in the API response. Please guide us in this case.

  2. Thanks. Will send a request.

  3. OK

  4. Got it. I will try and let you know the result :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  5. Another question, Could we embed an iframe of the call recording into Sale activies? (Refers to the below photo)

You can search with the contact and get the id of the contact. With this id, you can fetch all the details which has the phone number. Hope this helps.

Can you please post as new topic with more details.

  1. We have tried your suggestion before but how many we double API, how many API calls reach the limit.
    I have asked your team to increase the API limit and we got more than 1000/hour. It looks mostly nothing meaningful to us.
    Any other ideas?

  2. I have raised in another ticket at Embed iframe call recording

Hi Emma,

Can you please define the use-case you are trying to solve in a new topic so we can check if it can be optimized?

Thank you for raising this in a new topic. We generally prefer to keep the entire topic specific to the original questions being raised.

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