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I want to capture & store every event from Freshdesk in our database. To do this, I’m planning to use Freshdesk Serverless App. Upon receiving an event, the app will call an API to send the data.

Please give details the rate limit, if there is any, for using serverless app.

onTicketCreateHandler: function(args) {
    // API call to send ticket create data to our service.

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Hi @Awaneesh_Kishore

We have a custom app that will do this for you. It works like a regular webhook service i.e. you subscribe to it and then it will send you either onTicketCreate or onTicketUpdate event payloads. We have also augmented the payload with some extra information on the ticket. We built it to feed an MS Power Automate flow trigger but it can work with anything.

It uses the request API so typically the rate is 50 requests per minute.

Let me know if you would like to take a look.

Hi @RobAtOpinyin ,

We want to use serverless app (Your First Serverless App). Is there any rate limit on serverless app triggers on different events?

@Awaneesh_Kishore check this out

Thanks for the reply.

I work with groww.in, one of the Freshdesk customer. We needed little more clarity. We were thinking to have a discussion regarding this with one of your developers over a call. If possible, can we please schedule a call?

The exact answer depends on which platform features you end up using.

If the event listener for onTicketCreate sends HTTP requests to an external API and you use Request Method for that, each installation of the app will be subjected to the Request Method rate limit, which defaults to 50 rpm. Plus, the requests will also be subjected to a default timeout of 6 seconds.

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